Opposite warp model

Opposite Warp Model – automotive battery case mould

Tianjin Xuansheng Technology Co., Ltd. has produced many types of automotive battery box molds. Below is the detailed content of the most representative moldex3D case sharing.

T-Zero Mass Production success as the mold is manufactured based on the opposite warp model exported from Moldex3D.

Product requirements:

The deformation of long-side ends must be less than 0.3 mm.

Product introduction:

  • PP as the material, and part size of 257 x 171 x 189 mm.
  • 6 slots are designed, in addition, shrinkage happens frequently for the outermost slots.

Mold solution:

In view of the characteristics of the product, we adopted a production plan for pre-deformation of the mold.

We used mold flow analysis (with water channels) to simulate the deformation, then collected the deformation values, and finally modified the product design.

At the same time, the mold flow analysis verification was performed using the modified product drawing.

Finally, the confirmed result was that the mold was opened and manufactured based on the modified product drawing.

Result feedback:

Mass production was achieved at the very mold trial stage. At the same time,customer placed the follow-up order.

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