Deep cavity mold

Deep Cavity Moldaircraft runway light controller housing

Tianjin Xuansheng Technology Co., Ltd. is an injection molding company that specializes in overcoming various difficulties. TXS has extensive experience in customizing injection molds and injection molding production for deep-cavity precision plastic molding products. The following is a product introduction:

Product requirements:

This is an aircraft runway light controller housing. It is a deep-cavity product made of precision plastic molding with an inner cavity depth of 200mm. The material is PP+GF30%. Risks such as deformation and air trapping are prone to occur during the injection molding process.

Mold solution:

First, design a reasonable water channel based on the mold flow analysis results to shorten the product molding cycle. At the same time, use 4-point fine sprues to increase the amount of glue inlet and reduce the injection pressure.

Mold solution:

In addition, add inserts to the positions that are prone to air entrapment. Furthermore, choose corrosion-resistant and high-hardness mold core materials. Finally, the product is ejected smoothly using a push plate.

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