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In the field of motors, the insulation of the motor stator core is the ultimate goal to ensure the operation of the motor. Injection molded plastic is the best choice for insulating stators. Tianjin Xuansheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a plastic injection moulding manufacture of motor coil and insulating stator. We customize and produce the most suitable motor coils and insulating stator for you.
Below is a case analysis of one of our insulating stators in Moledex3D:

It is the perfect mold solution to the accumulated tolerance caused by metal inserts. Meanwhile,it has been applied patented.

Product requirements:

The 32-mm stator of well-known European automobile company has been designed with metal inserts of ±0.5mm tolerance. No flash is allowed. Damage on metal inserts caused by sliders must be avoided.

Product introduction:

PA66+15%GF as the material, and part size of φ87*67mm. A metal insert is consisted by several 0.2mm thickness iron pieces, that results in the accumulated tolerance up to ±0.5mm. Undercuts are around the part.

Mold solution:

The solution of springing the iron piece in the mold(this structure has been applied patented) perfectly solves the issues of flash due to the tolerence, and iron piece crushed by sliders of the iron piece.

Result feedback:

The mold was moved for mass production after the third-time mold trial. Moreover subsequently all other specifications of the stator series molds for this customer were successively made.

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