Medical Concentricity and Roundness

Medical Concentricity and Roundness plastic injection molding service

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Below is our case sharing of medical device plastic injection molding service:

Challenge the concentricity and roundness of the 0.16mm diameter round hole of medical products.

Product requirements:

There is a Φ0.16mm hole on the top of the medicine tube product. In addition, the concentricity and roundness tolerance of the hole is ±0.03mm.

Product introduction:

The product is made of PC. The product size is Φ14X38mm. There is a Φ0.16mm fine hole on the top of the product, and this hole is prone to deviation and lack of material.

Mold solution:

According to the characteristics of the product, the mold is designed with uniform gates and special water channels. At the same time, the mold inserts are made of steel with high elastic modulus. Thus perfectly solving the problem of fine pores being prone to deviation and material shortage.

Result feedback:

The mold can reach mass production status after two mold trials. And then the customer can place a batch order for production.

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