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Our factory not only has rich experience of serving traditional automotives, at the same time, it also serves energy vehicle customers. We can provide customers with one-stop services for automotive plastic injection mold and automtive injection molding products, so that customers can have no worries.

We have rich experience in automotive molds manufacturing, we have been making lots of automobile molds, like door handle (inside handle mould), Grille Parts, Bumper Grille, Air Bag mould, Air Conditioner Part, Cup Holder, Speaker Cover Mould, Rearview Mirror, Seat system components, Instrument Panel…

Injection Molding Automotive Parts

Injection molding is our specialisation. We work not only professionally, but also economically, technically, and with social responsibility. We offer complete solutions as a supplier within the automotive industry. We are experts in the field of injection moulding of thermoplastic plastics and decorative plastic automotive parts. We produce parts for both the car and truck industry. We also produce parts for both the interior and exterior of the car. Examples of materials that we use in our production are PS, PP, ABS, PC, PC / ABS and PMMA.

Xuan Sheng  is your ideal partner for injection moulded automotive parts . We specialise in the injection moulding of plastic auto parts in short-runs, and large plastic parts in larger volumes, for many companies within the automotive industry.

We offer the expertise, experience and quality to be able to offer you the most reliable plastic car parts and applications.

Happy to work along with you to translate your needs into the highest quality injection moulding solutions, in accordance with the international standards that apply within the automotive/car industry.

You can rely on us for:

 The highest quality management systems (IATF 16949) for car production

  ♦ IATF 16949 automotive certification for quality standards from 2019

  PAPP for guaranteeing the most reliable production processes in the manufacturing of auto parts

  ♦ An extremely low product failure rate of less than 0.5%

 Years of trust from top clients in the international automotive industry

Molding Capabilities

  • Tooling and Production:  Xuan Sheng Mold manufactures custom plastic injection molds, plastic parts and CNC machined plastic prototypes. Our capabilities include overmolding, insert molding and family molds. We offer a variety of plastic materials, colors and surface finishes. Our proprietary mold frame exchange technology is one of the key factors why we can produce your injection molds and parts at such high speed and at such a low cost.
  • Overmolding:  Xuan Sheng Mold has overmolding processes where one thermoplastic material is molded over another material to form one part.  Our overmolding capabilities typically involve soft thermoplastic materials such as urethanes and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) being overmolded onto hard plastic such as ABS or PC, for example.
  • Insert Molding:  This is an injection molding process by which metal inserts such brass nuts, screws, bushings or mesh filters are combined into one part by injecting thermoplastic around them. Our insert molding capabilities can include a variety of insert materials such as metal or ceramic.

Our Project Engineers have years of experience in automotive and are ready to give your program the highly focused program management required for on-time delivery of your program.Our experience with the wide array of automotive grade engineering plastics available today positions us well to handle your project.  

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