Systematic Managment Ability

Plastic injection mold company

01 MolWhole Process Management System

  • Smart management: visualized progress control, high-quality production
  • Mold production: informatization + Intelligence
  • Processing mode: APS production scheduling, reasonable arrangement for processing
  • Production management: manageable, controllable, and traceable
  • Quality control: standardization + informatization
  • Market advantage: shorter development cycle + lower processing cost

03 Injection Molding Management System

  • Reduce mold preparation time                                                               
  • Improve OEE
  • Improve mold life
  • Improve product qualification rate


02 CNC Electrode Semi-automatic Processing & Inspection

  • Intelligent CAM management
  • CNC semi-automatic processing
  • Multi-electrode automatic processing
  • EDM semi-automatic processing
  • CMM semi-automatic


04 Data Security System

  • Information leakage prevention
  •  Documents, drawing encryption, efficient protection
  •  Prohibit external devices from accessing the system
  •  Protect customer and company data property