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Precision Mold Processing

injection mould

CNC Milling Machines

  • Imported high-end processing equipment: Roders, Germany
  • Precision high-speed CNC milling machine
  • Machining accuracy 0.002mm
2 precision mold work shop

Wire-cut Discharge

  • Imported high-end processing equipment: Mitsubishi, etc
  • Machining accuracy 0.002 mm
precision mold work shop 4_副本

Electric Discharge Machine

  • Imported high-end processing equipment: Makino, Switzerland GF, etc
  • Machining accuracy 0.002 mm
injection mold


  • Ensure that the edges of the mold cavity have no collapse.
  • Mold surface roughness SPI-A3.

Injection Molding

  Advanced Precision Injection Molding Equipment

injection molding

  Perfect Automation Supporting Facilities

injection molding 12




Mold processing & injection molding production & assembly are all completed in our factory so that you can fully control the lead time and quality of the entire project.

Inspection Equipment

CMM(Hexagon, Sweden)

  • Easily measure various parts’ three-dimensional contour size, position, and Angle.
  • Input 3D digital model, position finished parts with a digital model, measure and compare related curves and surfaces, and automatically output graphical report.
injection mold 5

Optical 3D Scanner

  • GOM ATOS, Germany
  • Blu-ray photographic high-precision 3D-scanning

Quadratic Element/Imager

  • The software can automatically draw the workpiece in real time intelligently and accurately just by selecting the corresponding drawing command
  • Humanized map navigation function, can assist in the rapid positioning of some directions on large workpieces, greatly shorten the search time of operation requirements
injection mold 4

Color Difference Meter(Data Color 850)

  • Color measurement, color matching, color matching
  • Specify, deploy, and control key colors
injection mold 6

Particle Detector

  • Ensure the accuracy of sample volume, particle count, and sensor resolution
  • Can measure organic, inorganic, colored, and transparent, oil-based liquid samples
injection molding 2

Impact Testers(ZWICK HIT 5.5P)

  • Pendulum impact tester for spline testing
injection mold 7

High-Temperature Steam Sterilization

  • Use high temperature and high pressure to effectively disinfect and sterilize
injection molding 4

Bacteria Collection Instrument

  • Supporting application equipment for fully enclosed bacteria collection incubator
injection molding 1

Deflector Melt Flow Rate Tester

  • Used to determine the melt mass flow rate (MFR) and melt volume flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastic resins
injection molding 3