Tianjin Xuan Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-funded enterprise integrating material selection, product development, mold (injection molding tooling) development, and high precision plastic injection molding, providing customized high-quality molds (molding tooling) and high-precision plastic injection molding, and providing customers with cost-effective molding one-stop service and solutions.
Our company currently has multiple precision processing equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, etc., with a mold (injection molding tooling) manufacturing workshop, a high precision plastic injection molding production workshop, a 100,000-level clean workshop, and a 10,000-level biological laboratory. At the same time, we have an experienced and high-quality management and technical teams. We have automobile business divisions, medical equipment and packaging materials business divisions, and smart home appliance business divisions.
The main products involve industries: auto components, medical equipment & consumables, smart home appliances & 3C electronics, industrial control, photoelectric energy, packaging, etc.
Fate–from Xuan Sheng, hand in hand with you to “shape” the future!!

Product Categories

MEDICAL – Molding Tooling & High Precision Injection Molding More+

AUTOMOTIVE – Molding Tooling & High Precision Injection Molding More+


Material selection modification

Material Selection and Material Modification

Working in the offices of the Autodesk San Francisco Technology Center using Fusion 360.

Product Collaborative Development

2-Molding simulation analysis

Molding Simulation (CAE) Analysis Technology

Mold & Molding Engineering Validation

Mold & Molding
Engineering Validation

Mold & Molding integrated intelligent manufacturing

Mold & Molding Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing

plastic injection mold

High-end Precision Imported Equipment

00 pricision mold

Collaborative Materials
Data Laboratory

injection mold team

Experience Technical
Expert Team

00 T-zero mold

Capacity of T-zero
Mass Production


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International quality certification

Quality Certification
16949 & 13485 & 9001

111 mold factory

Domestic and foreign
Joint Office