Precision plastic injection molding &lamp; mold- Auto light reflector

Precision plastic injection molding &lamp; mold- Auto light reflector

Mold Material: S136,Becu, 1.2083.1.2738 etc
Cavity Multi: 1+1
Runner: Hot runner YUDO Brand
Moldbase Brand: LKM, Hasco
Mold Life: 1,000,000 shots
Plastic Material: ABS+PC
Tolerance: 0.02 mm

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Automotive light reflector injection mold

In response to the optical requirements of reflectors, we are equipped with professional equipment and tools to achieve precise processing and processing. These special equipment ensure the smoothness and transparency of the reflector surface and meet high standards of optical requirements.

In response to the problem of height differences in the product structure, we have solved the difficulties in mold processing and improved product quality and process efficiency by optimizing mold design and processing technology.
We are committed to solving technical problems in the processing of reflectors and providing professional solutions so that each reflector can achieve precise optical requirements.

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