Plastic Intake Manifold Mold

Plastic Intake Manifold Mold 1、Product mix:   (1)Upper shell Welding reinforcement: the welding reinforcement shall be smooth, so the welding surface shall be made into an integral electrode as far as possible to prevent problems during EDM processing. Airway surface: the airway surface is required to be smooth, so whether EDM processing or CNC processing, it must be ensured that there is no knife snapping or overcutting. The other side of the upper shell is generally the visible side of the intake manifold. Generally, customers [...]

Medical feeding pump

Medical feeding pump plastic mould  We are a china plastic mould factory . The whole set of product molds are designed and developed by our factory to provide customers with high-quality molds.

Medical aspirator mold project

Medical plastic injection mold and plastic molding OEM Medical aspirator project         cavity: 1+1+1+1         According to customer product needs, reduce the number of molds for customers and reduce costs.